Amazing-30 Pound Weight Loss

Hi Karen,
It is a great pleasure to share with you today that after less then 2 month following your diets and weight loss recommendations, I have received an A+ score from Dr Arhtur Fass, the Chief Division Cardiology, Phelps Hospital in Sleep Hollow NY.
I have loss 30 pounds so far and was able to reduce my overall Cholesterol from 260 to 199....to increase my HDL from 37 to 77...to reduce my Triglyceride from 730 to 147....and to reduce my LDL to 92.....
My Glucose is 94, Total Protein 7.6 and overall I have moved into the LOWEST RISK in Heart Risk!!!
Thank you so much for the tremendous help although you were days apart from the birth of your new baby girl.

I.P. New Jersey, October 2013

Highly Reccomended

 "Karen is an excellent nutritionist who focuses on practical recommendations of dietary changes one needs to make to maximize their energy and health. She is an excellent communicator and has a genuine passion and interest in making you feel better by making sure you're eating the right foods for your body type. I would HIGHLY recommend her services for anyone who is looking to make a lifestyle change or just simple tweaks to their diet. Additionally, she's a genuinely NICE person and has great energy to be around."

J.B. New York, NY June 2013

Karen goes above and beyond


“In February 2013, I met with Karen after deciding that I need help with managing my weight and learning how to eat healthier. I have been on medication for a chronic disease I have which made me gain 20 pounds. At this point I was at the highest weight I have ever been at in my entire life. As a college student this made me incredibility self-conscious and have very poor self-esteem. I thought that there was no hope since I exercised almost everyday and was always on a “diet”however the scale would go up instead of down. When I met with Karen she helped me realize that you can still enjoy food and loose weight. Not only did she create a meal plan customized to my food preferences and lifestyle she introduced new foods to incorporate into my diet. Also, she sends e-mails to keep you motivated. By May 2013 I lost the 20 pounds plus an extra 2 pounds!Karen is a great nutritionist. She goes above and beyond her duties and really cares about her patients. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who is having adifficult time achieving his or her goal and wants to learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle.”


C.H. New York, NY 2013

Greatest Weight Loss yet

"For over ten years I struggled with my weight, always on a "diet" but never quite managing to get anywhere. Karen helped me realize where I was going wrong, and gave me an eating plan that was way more than a diet. It is a way of life, that after 2 months of following became an unconscious habit. With Karen's input and guidance, I learned how to eat properly in my day to day life, and with her encouragement, I took up more regular exercise, which I am now doing 5-6 times a week and enjoying. I learned to plan my meals in advance, and to eat meals and snacks that will keep me satisfied. At a certain point I didn't even feel like I was dieting, because I wasn't hungry, and I didn't have to think about what I was eating, but the weight was still coming off. I lost about 30 pounds so far, even continuing to lose weight after I stopped seeing Karen. This is no fad diet- I finally learned healthy eating habits, how to include careful snacking and occasional temptations with the proper balance. Now, over 6 months later, I am down to a size 4 from a size 12, and am getting compliments daily about my new body. If you are serious about finally making permanent changes, and are committed to a new lifestyle and a new you- Karen is the one to see!"

S.A. New York, NY 2012

Really cares about her patients

Karen really cares about her patients. She is very supportive and genuinely cares. She really wants to help me get to my goal weight and goes above and beyond to help me achieve it.

Miriam New York, NY 2012

Karen is very sweet, informative and motivating

Karen is very sweet, informative and motivating. Working with her was a wonderful experience. She gave me realistic advice and helped me reach my goal without any stress"

Stephanie New York, NY 2011

If you are committed to loosing weight permanently Karen is the best

If you are committed to loosing weight permanently Karen is the best. Her knowledge will help you adapt to changes in your schedule, dietary and medical needs and ensure that you succeed. Plus, she has a nice way of nudging you when you stray from the path.”

Isaac New York, NY 2010

Karen provides excellent guidance and suggestions

Karen provides excellent guidance and suggestions. She even keeps in contact via email when I had questions or additional information.

Magdalena N. New York, NY 2012

I first met with Karen Moreno

I first met with Karen Moreno August 20, 2011. At that time, even though, I worked out twice a week intensively with a trainer and following a pretty healthy diet, I was unable to attain a more reasonable weight. Karen felt that I was on the right track, but that my diet needed a little "tweaking." We met every other week for four months until I learned how to get the best results from my efforts. She introduced me to wonderful recipes that enjoying my meals. By January 1, 2012 I was on my own. Today, May 16, 2012, I have been able to maintain the weight which I aspired with no effort at all. My weight dropped from 139 to 126 pounds which was exactly where my doctor and I felt was a healthy one for me. Karen is a wonderful teacher with excellent people skills. She makes a daunting task easy and even has delicious, easy recipes to help one learn to prepare tasty, healthy meals. It has been a pleasure to work with her, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is having a problem achieving their goal.

Marye Rose S. New York, NY 2012